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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 23:27

Few human relationships are closer than those established by a mutual contact with nature; it has always seemed to me that if more fathers were woodsmen and would teach their sons to be a likewise, most of the so-called father and son problems would vanish.

Providence gave me three sons only about a year and a half apart; and since it was not possible for me to give them what we usually call the advantages of wealth, I made up my mind to do my best by them. I decided primarily to make them sportsmen, for I have a conviction that to be a sportsman is a mighty long step in the direction of being a man. I thought also that if a man brings up his sons to be hunters, they will never grow away from him. Rather, the passing years will only bring them closer, with a thousand happy memories of the woods and fields. Again, a hunter never sits around home forlornly, not knowing what in the world to with his leisure. His interest in nature will be such that he can delight in every season, and he has resources within himself that will make life always seem worthwhile. -Excerpt from “Why I Taught My Boys to be Hunters” By: Archibald Rutledge


Clearly, the words from Rutledge apply equally to sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. For many of our volunteers, introducing their own children to the outdoors has been one of their greatest joys of parenting. Many cherish the memory of their own parent teaching them the ways of the natural world.

Cape Fear Heritage Foundation is a wholly volunteer and not for profit group of men and women who want to expose children to the joys that can be found only in nature. We hope to provide experiences to children, who may have never caught a bream, pulled the string on a bow, or fired a BB gun. We hope that this event will spark an interest in children that will last a lifetime and be shared with their families!

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